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                       Howard Gontovnick Ph.D (Philosophy),  M.A  (Philosophy) B.A (Specializatio Psychology) 

 Psychotherapy & Counselling Services

Over 30 years helping people to become the person they can be!


Each session is a reserved date and time (a minimum of 60 minutes), where your journey begins. There is no established period of time or number of session that is mandatory. 

Even though you will sense some movement or change after each session, give yourself some time to set a new direction. Each moment contributes to building blocks of knowledge and strength. Therefore your commitment is essential to fortify a whole new direction.  

Each session is strictly private and without question confidential! 
No information will ever be disclosed to any individual, private or governmental agency without your written consent.
Session Times
Sessions can be scheduled between 8:30 am and 2:00 pm - Monday through Friday. Evening sessions or a Saturday can be arranged based on availability.

Professional Fee
The fee for each appointment is based on a one hour /60 minutes session - additonal time if necessary is based on this hourly rate. Payment can be made with cash, a bank "Interact email transfer" payment or by cheque. Credit or debit cards are NOT ACCEPTED.
Following your session, a receipt is issued that includes the necessary details for insurance companies - these include; OPQ permit number, name & address. 
The hourly fee covers the therapeutic session. If any additional service is required such as; preparing reports, writing letters, or completing lengthy insurance forms – these requirements will be billed accordingly.

Missed or Cancelled Sessions
Scheduling session is a reservation of time specifically for you. If you must cancel or reschedule a prearranged session, please do so 48 hours in advance of the session.
Last minute cancellations are subject to cancellation fees. Misuse of this situation will result in termination of therapeutic services. If you have any questions regarding this policy please feel free to contact my office.


Professional services are billed to you and not an insurance company or employer. Therefore, it becomes your responsibility to pay the invoice and then arrange for reimbursement from your insurance company or other providers.

Payments for psychological services are not covered by the government health insurance plans like Medicare.
Depending on your plan, some private healthcare companies may reimburse part or all of the fees. It is recommended to contact your provider with regard to the conditions of coverage if this is the concern.
For those without coverage, you can submit your claim with your yearly income tax document in the section for additional medical tax deduction. For additonal information on this, please consult your tax specialist.
All information is confidential.