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                       Howard Gontovnick Ph.D (Philosophy),  M.A  (Philosophy) B.A (Specializatio Psychology) 

 Psychotherapy & Counselling Services

Over 30 years helping people to become the person they can be!



Areas of Specialized Training (a partial listing)

- Experiential Psychotherapy with Dr. Alvin R. Mahrer (University of Ottawa)

- Adlerian Individual and Family Counselling

- Grief counselling

- Psychopathologies & Integrating Spirituality into Psychotherapy

- Techniques for Grief Therapy & Creative Counseling for the Bereaved. 

- Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy & the Management of Mood Disorders

- Cognitive Therapy for Depression & Cognitive Processing Therapy

- Couples Power Therapy &  Resilience As A Treatment Approach to Trauma.

- Brain-Based Psychotherapy & Changing The Anxious Mind

- Process-Experiential Therapy of Forgiveness


Howard Gontovnick

Howard Gontovnick Ph.D. has been practicing psychotherapy and counselling in Laval since the early 1990’s. He also an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies at the State University of New York in Plattsburgh.


Throughout his journey, he has aggressively studied the disciplines of Psychology, Philosophy and Religion – something he believes has provided considerable insight into the essential ideas of our humanity.


Howard has always been intrigued by how psychology, philosophy, sociology and religion have provided such profound insight into who we are and what we can gradually become. Howard applies and welcomes the Buddhist philosophy of seeing things as they really are, so that one can become mindful of the realities that we face each and every day.


To let go of your usual way of thinking, is to discover your deeper potential that will certainly reveal a whole new way of living in the world. It is a bold step toward living a healthier and more enriching lifestyle that perhaps is closer than you think.

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